“LIVE in the past, the present & the

future”—-Charles Dickens



Today is the first day of spring and it is a balmy 17 degrees where I live.

Nonetheless, it is truly spring because I have begun cleaning and emptying out all the crap stuff that has accumulated.

I’m also planning a master bedroom re-do by painting, creating a new headboard for the bed, and refinishing our dressers that were my grandparents’.  Can’t do any of the fun stuff yet because it’s too darn cold out to work in my garage.  So stay tuned…

Meanwhile, while cleaning out my dresser drawer, I came across this…


It’s a charm bracelet that was my great aunt’s when she was a young lady.  I had forgotten I had been given this after she had passed away (which was almost 22 years ago…) I was very close to my aunt and she always had lots of treasures at her house to go through because she saved EVERYTHING!  She might have even been considered a hoarder in present day.  She was one of the very first Avon ladies and had hundreds of little tubes of lipstick, perfume samples, jewelry, eyeshadows, you name it, on her bedroom dresser.

I always admired this bracelet because the charms were so fascinating to me.


The buttons on this little one really push down and the roller really rolls!  I’m sure my aunt had this one because she wrote for the local newspaper.


This little teapot really opens!




It’s a jewelry box and when you open it up, there’s a tiny diamond ring in it!


I can’t help but wonder why she had this one because she never married.  It makes me sad to think she wanted to, but never found the right fellow. 

This one has is a tiny makeup compact complete with teeny, tiny mirror!



So Cute!




Look closely…

As you can see, there are some pretty special charms here.  There is a baby buggy, a rickshaw, dog house with dog in it, toaster that really pops up with bread, mini wine opener, and an ironing board that really folds.  And for the hockey mom in me, there is a cowbell!


The envelope they came in is from Marshall Field’s (which sadly doesn’t exist anymore) and these charms have to be post WWII.  I wish I could find out more information about them.

In the meantime, I am going to clean it up and wear it proudly!  Why should they be stashed away in the back of my drawer?

It’s funny how I hold on to things and don’t use them because they have special meaning to me and I don’t want to ruin them.  I need to share this specialness always.

Life is way too short not to.