A New Favorite

In my last post, I was left disheartened by the fact that my favorite antique shop will soon be demolished to make way for a new condo complex. Wah!

But alas!  Upon further investigation, I happened upon this place just up the street!

It turns out, about 20 vendors moved their goods here!  Yay for me, and Double yay for them.

I met the nicest vendor named Alice who showed me around her booth.  AND she had what I have been searching for—vintage flour/grain sacks. ( I’ll get to that it a later post.  I have some very special projects in mind for that one.)

She also has beautiful things for sale, my favorite being the vintage trunk that she restored herself.

Isn’t it wonderful?  Look at the tin on it, I have never seen one like it before.

Next I wandered over to Leigh’s shop called “The Design Studio”.  She sells accessories for the home and also makes these wonderful soy candles and puts them in vintage glassware.

I wish you could smell the wonderful fragrances!  Perhaps if you put your nose real close to the picture, you could get a whiff…Seriously though, these candles smell fabulous.  I especially loved the lemon-very refreshing scent.

Buying and selling antiques and collectibles is “nouveaux-portmanteau”.  Check out their website www.nouveaux-portmanteau.com

LOVE IT!   Look at that wonderful bench!  And see that vintage metal locker basket in the upper right corner?  I almost made that my own, but passed it up and now I have regrets…someone else is going to steal that right up!

A woman named Tracy has this booth…

The red letters really caught my eye as well as the red Maryland Gas sign.  Sigh….I love the reupholstered chair done in vintage textiles.

Yet another great part of this adventure was discovering Carla Gizzi’s shop “at the beach”.  She carries wonderful subway art, vintage inspired jewelry and home decor.  You can find her at www.carlagizzi.com or like her facebook page.  I did! 

This is one of her pieces…

Very talented woman!

So that’s my little story.   And it comes with a little lesson…change doesn’t have to suck stink.  Change will lead you to new avenues to explore.  New people to meet.

Have a very blessed day!