For The Love of a Treehouse

When I was a kid, I longed for my own “‘space”.   Growing up, I lived in a small, three bedroom house with five other people-my parents, two brothers and my sister.  There was always a dog or two,  some hamsters, rabbit at one time, and even a cat for awhile.  The neighborhood was full of kids that were coming and going, neighbors that were like second parents to me, relatives visiting.  Very full of life and love and sometimes, drama.  With three siblings and their friends, there was always something cooking up, someone running in and out, adventures running amuck.  (Amuck?  Is that a word?)  Like the time my brothers set off smoke bombs in the kitchen…or when my sister decided to have a party when my parent’s were out of town and my grandfather came over to check on us…yeah, teenagers climbing out the second floor bedroom window always makes for good neighborhood conversation.  Good times… I miss those days.

I wanted a treehouse soooooo bad!  Someplace I could call my own.  A quiet place to escape. ( I’m sure my mom did too, at times).

Then I went off to college and had roommates to share a space with.  An itty-bitty room.  With strangers who became my friends. ( Well, one was a pain in the @ss & I was never so happy to see that semester of hell end.  C’mon!  Most of us have had one of those roommates.  It builds character and resiliency, right?)

A few years later, I got married, a few years after that, kids.  And here I am!  And while I am so happy with my own little house full of chaos and sometimes, drama, I still dream of my own little space.

Oh my!!!  Heavenly!  I might even invite my husband in for some wine and conversation.

                                                                                                                                                                                My kids could visit me in here!  They would love it!

                               How relaxing would it be to have something like this,  to have afternoon tea with my best girlfriends and just to shut the world out for awhile…And since I live in a house of males, I love the pink and white even more, even though I am not really a “pink and white” kinda female.

This, however, is my absolute FAVORITE!

Wouldn’t it be a dream to have an adult treehouse, to invite family and friends over for a relaxing evening in the tree?

OK, so it suddenly occured to me that I want all these “private” places to invite other people to come and enjoy them with me!  Because after all is said and done, I love the people I have chosen to surround myself with.  (I know, I didn’t choose my children per se, but I love them so much it’s scary and that’s a whole different subject.)

I hope you find a serene place when you need it.  I hope you find the right people to enrich your life.  I hope you can balance it all.