Giving Thanks For What I Have…


Thanksgiving Day is almost here and the internet and social media are full of people giving thanks for all the wonderful people/things/blessings in their lives.

You know you are blessed.

Be thankful all year round.

This year I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house and I’m really excited and anxious all at the same time.

I’ve been combing the internet, well pinterest to be exact, and have come up with an overwhelming amount of ideas to make this Thanksgiving special for my guests. {Pinterest can be so wonderful, but also so intimidating, right?}

I’ve come up with a few ideas for our Thanksgiving table that are truly budget friendly.

  • If you don’t have enough matching table settings, head over to your local Goodwill. There are enough plates, glasses, flatware, etc. to even things out. Get something that coordinates with your current set. It doesn’t have to match exactly and will give your table interest.
  • Shop around your own house. I have stuff stashed and stored that could be used to pretty-up the table, and I know you do too. Use your imagination.
  • Hop over to a blog that offers up free printables and print those out to use in your theme. There are so many out there ranging from quotes, to kids’ activities and coloring pages, to frame-able pictures. The Graphics Fairy has a great selection of vintage Thanksgiving printables for free!

I’m taking my own advice and being creative with what I already have.


  • My centerpiece was found at a sale years ago and I believe it’s a planter. I just placed some candles in there with glass candleholders and tucked some berry branches in…
  • Those silver bowls were also found at an estate sale and I forgot I even had them, but they add a little shine to the table.
  • The runner is made from burlap.
  • The linen placemats were a gift from my husband’s aunt for our wedding shower. They are so pretty and white, I’ve always been afraid to use them, but they look so nice and crisp with my white plates. (Also a gift from our wedding shower).
  • The silverware holders are a free printable I found on Pinterest. You can find them here. 


As you can see, it’s snowing here but the candlelight makes everything look so warm and inviting.




I also found an inspiring printable for my mantle


I found it here at Yellow Bliss Road. I thought it was perfect for me because it had a feather on it. It’s Psalm 107:1 and says, “Give thanks to the Lord for he is good. His love endures forever.” Beautiful, right?

I used my Silhouette machine to cut out some feathers for my chalkboard.

And as a surprise to my guests, I’ve printed out some Thanksgiving Day trivia quizzes to see how much we all really know about this holiday. I found it here. I might even have a prize for the one who knows the most!

This Thanksgiving, try to be thankful for what you already HAVE, use what is on hand, give everyone a warm welcome and extra long hugs. Enjoy each other’s company and get to know again some relatives or friends you’ve neglected. Use this special time to create memories.




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Pinterestingly Interesting, But Really Not After All

Pinterest is a beautiful thing…time sucker however.  I can waste  spend loads of time searching, wandering, lusting after products, memories, ideas…

Lately my favorite things are quiet spaces…



…Wouldn’t it be nice if I could upload some photos from pinterest?  But I can’t!  I am not a computer literate person, obviously!  I am a NICU nurse!  I have difficulty copying and pasting, but if you need an IV started on a 24 weeker, I’m your gal!

But I have ideas to share, and projects to project into the blogosphere!  Perhaps it’s time to go to the library and see what kind of self-help blog books are out there.  That way, if I still can’t figure it out, I can’t burn the book because I have to return it!