He had me at the jingle…



A couple weekends ago, I was waving good-bye to my husband and kids as they headed out the door to do some errands and I heard this jingle, jingle, jingle.  Getting louder and closer.  Sounded a little like Christmas in October.


Imagine my surprise when I saw what it was!…An older gentlemen peddling through my very suburban neighborhood with a green and red cart, jingling as he walked along.


Meet Tony…



He’s a bona-fide, one-in-a-million, old-fashioned knife sharpener!

How cool is that?  Of course I had to stop him and give him some business.  He sharpened knives for me that were duller than dull, and now they once again cut like buttah. 

(I also gave him several pairs of my sewing scissors to sharpen and they work like new.)

While he sharpened away, we chatted of course.  I asked him about his cart.


He said it’s from the 1920’s, been in his family a long time, since they came over from Italy.  He had the best Italian accent…I told him I always wanted to go there…He looked at me and said, “Don’t you-a worry!  You-a have a plenty of time-a”.

He asked me who I was going to vote for.  I honestly told him I didn’t know.  We talked about the economy.  He told me he lost $82,000.00 from his pension.  I wanted to cry.  I almost did.  (Ok, I did.)

He told me what neighborhood he lives in…let me tell you-it’s about 15 miles from my house on the outskirts of Chicago.  I hoped and prayed he didn’t walk all that way pushing his cart.  (Thankfully, he didn’t. He has a truck that he uses to transport.)

The cart itself is on two wagon wheels, as you can see.  The third wheel in the middle goes around by foot power.  Tony slides in, sits down and uses the foot pedals to make the wheel move.  As the wheel moves, it makes the rubber belt move, which then turns the stone for sharpening.  Pretty clever, huh?

What a treat it was to meet this man.  I enjoyed my time with Tony.  I  hope he stops in my neighborhood again.  When I hear that jingle getting louder and closer,  I will smile, grab some knives and scissors and catch up with him.


Thank you, Tony, where ever you are!