Taking Off My “Mom Goggles”


Mom Goggles

Every mom has them. They give them out to you free(!) from your Labor and Delivery Nurse the moment you lay eyes on your precious, squirmy, goopy bundle of joy.

Those newborn eyes look back at you, trying to focus, squinting against the light, their pupils constricting for the first time. (After all, they’ve been protected in the dark, warm fluid of your womb.)

You look into those eyes, you examine every inch of this miracle, every finger, every toe, every little detail…You know in the deepest part of your heart and soul, this child is perfect!

And BAM! They’re there!

Mom Goggles

Don’t think you can get away from them if you’ve adopted a child, either! Oh no!! That child comes with a pair too, maybe even with a stronger prescription. It’s completely unpreventable.

Believe it or not, there is a definition:

From Urban Dictionary:

Mom Goggles: “Like Beer Goggles, Mom Goggles cloud the wearer’s vision making their child look absolutely perfect in their eyes. Works with looks, intelligence and skills.”

In my experience, you don’t have to remove those mom goggles till they start school. Till they start interacting with other children. Nope, savor those early years when your child is a baby/toddler, immune from any mistakes and blunders. Watch them smile like they are the first child to ever smile in the history of the world and think to yourself, “No child has ever smiled such a beautiful smile.” Because it’s true…

Then they get a little older.

If your kid is playing in the sandbox with other kids and is throwing sand in their faces for fun, it’s time to remove the Mom Goggles and teach a lesson…”Don’t throw sand at other kids, Perfect Child of Mine. No one likes a sand sandwich”.

When your kid gets a little older and is in school and doesn’t score perfect on every test/quiz/homework assignment, don’t always blame the teacher. Take off those Mom Goggles and really LOOK.  Maybe your child isn’t really the genius-prodigy like they seemed to be in preschool…SURPRISE! Neither are 99.9% of their classmates. Time to teach another lesson: “work hard and try your best, Perfect Child of Mine. I love you fiercely anyway.”

When your children start up with extra-curricular activities such as sports or music or dance and they are not picked for the top team or the piano solo or the New York City Ballet, don’t freak out! Mom Goggles are very powerful things that cloud our vision and hurt our pride. Lesson learned: “not everyone has the same God-given talents and gifts, but use those gifts to the best of your ability, Perfect Child of Mine. I love you anyway.”

And, yes, I use that phrase, “Perfect Child of Mine.” Because the fact is (Mom Goggles or not), they are perfect with flaws, impeccable and faulty, spotless and blemished, all at the same time.

If we don’t take off those Mom Goggles once in a while, we are cheating our kids out of valuable life lessons: Don’t hurt others, try your best, it’s ok if you make mistakes…I’ll love you anyway.

Because no one is perfect and no kid is above making errors. If we don’t remove those Mom Goggles, we are just setting them up for feeling like failures because they feel they are not living up to OUR impossible expectations.

So I made a little something to remind me of all this.

(You thought you’d get away from a craft? Silly Reader)


Just a little backpack to remind me of my own words. I plan to use it accordingly.

After all, I’m not perfect either.

And with all that said, there is another rule here…

Grandparents are allowed to wear their goggles incessantly.



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