Valentine’s Projects Galore

The very first moment I beheld him, my heart was irrevocably gone.–jane austen

Oh my gosh! No quote could ever be more true to me! I do not pretend to not know how blessed I am to have three (3!) “hims” in my life…my husband, and my two boys.

Most days I take this all for granted. Don’t we all sometimes?

But with Valentine’s Day approaching and being the crafty little crafter I wish to be, I’ve been perusing the internet for heart themed ideas. There is no shortage, let me tell you, and it can become very overwhelming.

So I put together some projects and links that look interesting, fun and tasty.

But first off, a little something from the lyrical genius of Bruce Springsteen that will get you in the mood. This song is beautiful, the words ever so true if you want a long and lasting relationship.

Now that you’re in the mood, how about some food? (Rhyming unintentional).

In my household, pizza is ALWAYS welcome!

Noreen from Picture the Recipe came up with this very cute heart-shaped pizza.


Cupcakes, pies and cookies are always welcome too!

Style Motivation has a bunch of recipes with beautiful pictures, but I like this one best!

20-Hart-Shaped-Food-Recipes-for-Sweet-Valentine-12Wouldn’t those be lovely to receive?

Ok…we need a pretty tablesetting…

Lemon Tree Creations came up with a tablescape I would definitely mimic.

Mason Jars Vintage Valentines? I'm in!

                    Mason Jars and Vintage Valentines? I’m in!

Printables! How could I forget the printables? There are so many wonderful graphic artists out there on the web that sometimes offer their printables for free! Yay!

Tatertots and Jello is one of my favorite blogs and this link will hook you up to some very cute projects and FREE  printables.

Like this one

from funky polkadot giraffe.

     from funky polkadot giraffe.

So now we have food, desserts, tablescape…what are we missing?  Hmmmm…..


(duh, me!)

Whipperberry came up with these very cute homemade Valentines that I think I will try.

Melted Crayon Hearts

       Melted Crayon Hearts

I hope I have left you with some Heart-sy Valentine-y ideas to try this year.

And if all else fails, Hallmark cards work for me!

Right, Babe?

(My husband knows from past experience what happens if I don’t get a Valentine’s card.)

Me without a Valentine's card...

Me without a Valentine’s card…

Love and Peace,


C’mon Spring!!!! We’re Waiting….

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And waiting and waiting…


I don’t know where you live, but in my neck of the woods it’s still gray, dark and cold and rainy.  It’s been a long winter and though the calendar says April 11th, it’s still not spring- like. 

So I bought myself some flowers and put them in a pretty blue vintage Mason jar to add some cheer along with the drear(y) weather.



So if you read my last post, you saw the Mason Jar Soap Dispenser…well, guess what?  I found out (while perusing ) that Ball is selling new mason jars with the vintage blue hue!!!!

You can find the link here:

So Cool!!!!

I love the way they look even with grocery store flowers tucked in.




And if you look closely at this picture…my sweet pup is napping in the background.

  What else is there to do on a dreary day?

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser



Who Doesn’t Love a Great Mason Jar?


I found these beauties at an estate sale and had to snap them up!



I love the turquoise hue to them and the metal lid on the one on the left made me so happy!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Mason jars, of course
  • Hammer and Nail
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Soap pump (I just used an old one I had).



Pound a hole into the lid with your hammer and nail.  I actually used an old jar lid for this one because I didn’t

want to ruin the metal gray one that actually came with the jar…


With your needle-nose pliers, make the hole bigger, but just big enough so your pump will fit snugly. .

Go slow and be careful because once it’s too big, you can’t go back.



All that is left now is to screw on your lid and add some soap!  This seriously took about 10 minutes to complete and I think it came out so cute


Now go share the Mason Jar Love with the World!


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