Telephone Table Makeover

My Great-Grandmother’s Telephone Table

My Great-Grandma Lena had a telephone table in her house (as did most people from that generation, I suppose) that was given to me several years ago that I love.  In our world of cordless phones, cell phones and Skype for that matter, I find it so interesting that people only had one phone in their house, (a rotary phone), that everyone used.

I believe they also called it a “gossip bench”.

Mine got nicked up and abused through the years and was an eyesore in my kitchen.  But I couldn’t get rid of it because it was Grandma Lena’s so I decided to re-do it.


Geez,  that is AWFUL!

The top is scratched and stained…


So I took her outside for a good sanding and cleaning…


Painted her with Benjamin Moore paint in “Antique White” and stained the top with a dark walnut wood stain…



I must note here that I SHOULD HAVE primed her because I had a REALLY HARD TIME with the original wood showing through the antique white paint.  I truthfully ended up using spray paint primer very carefully in areas that it kept bleeding through and then once again painting over it with the antique white.  Next time, I won’t skip such an important step. ( yeah, right.)  I also put a coat or two of polyurethane on the top to make it shine and protect it.

Next I sanded it a bit to distress it and then came the fun part…

The Seat Cover!

I went to the Graphic’s Fairy and found a cute, grainsack type image to transfer onto some painter’s drop cloth I had left over from this project.  Once again I used the Citra-solve Method for transfer because I feel it’s the easiest on drop cloth.  You can see a tutorial here.

Here’s a terrible close-up…


But….I REALLY like the way it turned out….


Now if only I had a Rotary Phone…

Hmmmm…Estate Sale Anyone?

Anyone? Anyone?

Bueller?  Bueller?



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Glider Redo


It is not a slight thing when they, who are

so FRESH from GOD, love us. 

                                                                                          —Charles Dickens


Before my first child was born, I searched like many moms-to-be for a rocking chair.  I found a glider that was both comfortable and affordable and purchased it with money I inherited from my grandfather.  I knew he would of loved to buy a rocking chair for his great-grandchild and every time I sat in it, I thought of him and pictured him smiling.

Two children and twelve years later, the glider sadly goes unused and the fabric is an eyesore.

I decided it was time to donate it.  I reluctantly moved it into the garage to wait for the donation truck to pick it up.  When they came to get it, my husband at the last minute surprisingly told them we’d changed our minds, we wanted to keep it. Huh? 

And then I understood…He felt the same way about that glider as I did!  How many nights did we sit in it, holding and snuggling our babies, fresh from their baths when their little faces burrowed into our necks?  How many days did we spend in it, rocking away, reading books to our little ones?  How many hours did I spend nursing my little loves while they looked up at me with their big eyes, trusting eyes, sleepy eyes, sick eyes?  How many minutes did we enjoy just letting the world go by as we sang and cradled and loved those little ones?  Countless.

Priceless memories.  We couldn’t give away that glider:  It was something we’d have to keep.


So I decided to re-do it and put it back to


Now I am not a furniture reupholsterererererer by any means…(nor can I spell it), but this is how it came out!



I bought a painter’s drop cloth, washed it and loosely made a pattern from the old cushions and sewed away.

I love the look of old French grain sacks so I tried my darndest to imitate them by grabbing a graphic off the wonderful website and using the Citra-Solve method of transferring it. 

Then I painted on some lines and hoped for the best!



It’s perfect for the basement/toy room.  The best part is, it still gets used by us all the time! 

My boys might not sit in my lap anymore while I rock them to sleep, but this chair will always hold those precious memories for me.

I know my grandfather would like that.




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