Pay It Forward Friday #4



It’s Monday and I’m late again…


I’m posting on Monday for my Pay It Forward Friday because I’m a mixed up gal who can’t make a self-made deadline.

The truth is, I had to work all weekend and that puts me in a tailspin.

Ok…the real truth is that I was helping out and trying to sell some items in my sweet friend Noreen’s garage sale.

Can I get some Garage Sale Love?


My friend Noreen is a vintage lover like myself and she has an incredible Etsy store where she sells her mother’s collection of vintage glassware.  You can check it out here.

We also hunt estate sales, garage sales, and the like for our treasures…she goes straight for the glassware and I head for the linens and old furniture.  We make a good team, I think.  Though our husbands might cringe when we team up, (think, “they’re bringing home more stuff”), we have a fabulous time digging.

Nothing like a garage sale, though putting on one yourself is a lot of hard work.




Lots of great baby and kid’s clothes displayed so nicely by Noreen’s mom…

Glassware and pottery…




I even “tried” to sell some of my stuff…It didn’t go.


Those pillows were made by me from some vintage napkins Noreen had found and I wasn’t about to just give them away to some garage saler offering $5.00 for BOTH!  Kind of an insult, if you ask me.

Anywhooooo, last week for my Pay It Forward good deed, it has to do with the garage sale.

An elderly woman stopped in and was looking for toys for her grandchildren who she takes care of.  The little boy REALLY liked some toys my sons had priced to sell.  She looked like she could use a break, so I gave her the toys for free.  The look on her face was priceless and her and her grandchildren left me with a “God Bless You.”

Confession and Question

…why was it so easy for me to give away my kids’ toys and my ego wouldn’t let me give away my handmade pillows?

I don’t know if I did such a great job Paying It Forward last week, but I do know that a little boy was very happy taking home his new toys.