What would YOU do?



This is a gross and kinda funny moment in my life that had to be shared.


Whilst grocery shopping yesterday, I happened upon the deli counter to purchase some lunch meat to make sandwiches for the boys’ lunches for school.  That in itself is gross, what with all the sodium and nitrates in lunchmeat, and I crack myself up on the fact that I take pride in preparing my children’s lunches everyday and not have them eat the pre-packaged hot lunches the school provides.  (Ok….they try to be healthier than in the past, but what the heck is a “chicken stick” anyway?)  This way, I can at least give them whole grain bread, fresh fruit, yogurt along with deli meat…that makes me feel a little better.


I digress…

The deli counter is always packed on Sundays, isn’t it?  All those other nitrate-giving moms and little old ladies asking for 1/4 pound of ham sliced really, really thin. 

Finally, my number is called!

“I’ll take 1/2 pound Krakus ham sliced thin, please.” Insert smile.

“OK”, says the deli lady.

Then, it happened…She sneezed into her plastic, gloved hand!



And THEN grabbed the ham and was about to slice it!

Holy Schmoly, Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!


This is all I could think of in my speechless state…



“Ummmmm, excuse me?”  I said.  “I changed my mind.  I don’t want anything from deli this time.”

She looked at me so hurt and confused. 

Everyone else looked at me like I had two heads…Did they NOT see what had happened?

I hope the next person who ordered the Krakus ham has some sick days to take. 

By the way…the boys will be getting good ‘ol PB & J this week.  Perhaps forever….