Newest Antique Store Find



When I say I go antiquing, I really think I’m kind of exaggerating.

I don’t really buy any antiques like furniture (unless it’s really cheap and antique furniture isn’t cheap), I don’t buy art or first edition books or turn of the century (20th century, or course) mementos.  I can’t afford that kind of stuff and I would be too nervous it would get destroyed in my house of two boys and their friends.  (Nerf War anyone?)

What I do is look for are things that catch my eye and intrigue me, things that could be made into something else.

I have an affinity for linens from the 1940’s and 1950’s.  I buy handkerchiefs, tablecloths, aprons and pillowcases.

I love to make Pillowcase Dresses with those beautiful, hand embroidered pillowcases from days gone by…to think some mother or grandmother actually painstakingly sewed and embroidered pillowcases for her loved ones…how could that go to waste?







I love to look at all the detail and workwomanship that went into these pillowcases.


One time I found an entire box of sugar sacks! 

So far, I’ve only made a pillow out of one, but I have plans for more!


I even fashioned a Christmas-themed apron from one of them.


I guess my point is (besides the one on my head), is that I like to make old things new again.

For Example


This metal thing/shovel


What was it used for, I wonder…of course a shovel of some sort, but for what?  Ice? Grains? Shit?  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)


After a good cleaning with bleach, (in case it was used for you-know-what), I put it to another use.


I took down the Chicken Head and put up a Shovel-Shelf.

Shovel-Shelf, Shovel-Shelf, Shovel-Shelf

(Try saying that three times, really fast)

Your doing it, aren’t ya?

Now Go Out There And Find Something Old to Make Into Something New

And if needed, use bleach to put your mind at rest.


Peace to You,



What the heck?…

One of the things I look forward to in the summer is visiting family who live on the Jersey Shore.  Every year as I pack I imagine my family walking down the boardwalks, eating saltwater taffy, me wearing a cute sundress that flows with the ocean breeze.  I pack my blow-dryer, straightening iron, makeup…And every year they just sit in my suitcase!  Because this is a trip that is down-right anti-high maintenance!  We spend our days swimming, grilling, taking walks in the woods.  My unruly curly hair just gets put in a ponytail (which is just as well because the humidity from the ocean would make straightening it stupid).  The most I do is wash the saltwater, sand and chlorine off me.  And mascara?  Forgetaboutit!

One thing I LOVE to do is go to the Antique District in Downtown Red Bank which has about 10 antique shops, big and small, and meander about.  I do this by MYSELF.  Ahhhhhhh!  I have a ritual…I stop at a place called the Java Stop which is a cute, little coffee shop and always order an Iced Caffe Borgia.  It’s the most wonderful blend of coffee, chocolate and orange.  The barista even puts shredded orange peel in there to enhance the flavor.  In a word-DELICIOUS!After the coffee pit-stop I head to my favorite shop!  I have been making this one shop the first on my list for seven years!  It’s great-full of old doors and shutters, reclaimed barn wood, vintage aprons and linens for a reasonable cost.  You might have seen my prior post…I got my fireplace mantel there.

Imagine my surprise!Dabnaggit!I wanted to cry!  Soon this will be the site of condos!

What the heck?  More condos?  I must say here that changes like this upset me…where’s the musty, hot antique shop that smelled like my grandma’s basement?  I felt like an old friend moved away…

Stay tuned!

“The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”-Marcel Proust