Upcycled Pet Bed Project


The best therapist has fur and four legs…


I truly believe that. Throughout my life, my dogs have always been there for me everyday, no matter my mood. I know a lot of people feel the same way about their pets, whether that’s a dog, cat, lizard, bird, horse…they just love us unconditionally.


I know it has been a very long time since I blogged, but there has been so much going on in my life and blogging often takes a back seat. I’m hoping to do a better job and start making this blog more of a priority, rather than an afterthought. More to come, hang in there with me.


Now if you know me, you know I love to take something old and make it into something new again. Renew, upcycle, reuse.


I recently found this Samsonite suitcase at an estate sale and snagged it up because I knew I had a project in mind.



My idea was to turn it into a sturdy, trendy pet bed!


Oftentimes when I am at an estate sale and buy something, I often wonder about where its been, how old is it, what stories can it tell…

I don’t know how old this suitcase is, or where it’s been, or even who owned it—but I do know it is very well made. Thanks, Samsonite!

The interior is very cool and well taken care of.



My first job was to remove some of the “extras” in the interior and update it. I sewed a new backing but kept the original hardware and fitted it with the new fabric.





It’s all in the details, right?


Now for the hardest part…sewing a box cushion. I bought a 2 inch thick foam cushion from Joanne’s and fitted it to size the inside of the suitcase. I picked a very soft, gender neutral flannel fabric for the cushion and wanted to leave an opening for easy removal and washing. (Pet hair-you know how it goes.)

I found this tutorial from Pretty Handy Girl.

(Thanks Pretty Handy Girl! You’re pretty handy!)

Check her out.






Next came adding the legs. I love this part because I got to use my husband’s power tools.


Almost finished and no blood shed yet. I even took great care to add washers so nothing pointy would stab into the foam cushion.

{On a side note, it was very hard to drill into the suitcase-that’s what I mean by well-made.}






DSCN4192 (2)


Almost. It needed a little more something.


DSCN4195 (2)

What do you think? I know someone who was very confused as I worked on this….



Perhaps she figured out it wasn’t for her. I will have to be on the lookout for an extra large vintage suitcase for her.

(Don’t think they made them in her size…maybe a steamer trunk?)

Maybe she can just rest her big, ‘ol head on it.

Never mind, she has my lap for that.



Peace and love and big, wet, sloppy kisses.





Sew Your Own Dog Crate Cover

Meet Lucy!!

IMG_0746 (1)

Lucy Lou is our newest family member who is now a year old. A couple years ago I wrote about my Bailey, who we had to say good-bye to…seriously broke our hearts and I NEVER thought I’d get another dog again.

Well, Never Say Never! I guess we were ready and it sure felt lonely and incomplete without a family dog.

Out of the blue, I received a phone call from Bailey’s breeder that he may have another bull mastiff pup for us if we were interested. We thought about it and it sounded so nice to once again have a loving, loyal companion in the house. I had kept in touch with Bailey’s breeder over the years and he knew how much we loved her. So thankful he thought of us as another owner for one of his pups! But it almost didn’t happen!  There were a lot of people in line for her!

(Side note) When considering a pure bred puppy, it is IMPERATIVE that you get to know the breeder. A great breeder loves the dog and the breed and knows all of its qualities and is breeding for the love of the breed. They will take the time to get to know you and your family and your background and will not sell their puppies to just anyone. PLEASE-do not go out and buy a puppy from just anyone!


Lucy’s mama is from Guardian Angel Bullmastiffs and her daddy is Rudy G from Trugrit. She was meant to be a show dog, but that was never in our plan for a dog. We just wanted a bull mastiff puppy, to grow up with us and love us and be part of our family. Luckily for us, it all worked out and she came to be our girl.




Look at the size of her paws!

Lucy is so full of personality and intelligence and agility. You would not think such a big dog could be so agile, but she is! She moves with a lot of grace and power, one day I will post a video.  She is seriously one of the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever seen in person. (I don’t brag much on her, do I?) She’s also so sweet and loving and likes to snuggle right up to you.




Lucy kept growing…

IMG_1086 (2)

And growing….



And growing…




I’m a big believer in a dog having its own space. So enter the dog crate. Now, I have a very small living room and Lucy’s crate is right there, all big and metal and black. I had to think of something to kind of cover it up, blend it in a little bit. I decided to make a crate cover for her and I loosely based it on this tutorial for an ottoman. It’s actually very simple and any beginner sewer can do it.


I started by using an old full sized bedspread that we weren’t using and draped it over the crib. Make sure you have the inside of the cover facing you, and the outside (the part you want seen) of your finished project facing the crate. So in sewing terms…the right side down.

Then I pinned the corners like this….

DSCN3939 (2)


 Make sure you get the corners nice and tight.

DSCN3940 (1)

Then I cut off the excess at the corners, leaving the pins intact.


DSCN3941 (1)

Sew a straight seam connecting the two sides together. Do this for all four corners. I used a double stitch just to make sure it’s strong.

Turn your cover inside out and straighten it out over the crate- and there you have it!


I had to have Lucy pose for a picture…



And…in true to me form, I had to jazz it up a little.


I used my embroidery machine and embroidered an arrow, and used my silhouette cameo to cut out the letters. The letters were then ironed onto the front.

And as you can see from the picture, Lucy prefers the couch! 

On a little personal level, when we first got Lucy, I felt such joy-but I also felt a little guilty, like we were somehow replacing Bailey.  But over time, I have come to realize that the human heart has such a capacity to love. While Bailey has left her footprint on our hearts forever, there is also plenty of room to love and enjoy another dog. Has anyone else ever felt that way?


Lucy & Me

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flamingo toes

Life on Lakeshore Drive

Homemade Bath Bomb Fizzies


The only time the world beats a path to my door is when I’m in the bathtub.



When was the last time you took a long, hot bath? I’m a quick shower person because I don’t have the time to lounge around very much in the bathtub. This is something I’m working on-making time for myself. Also, I can’t relax if I hear other people walking around (my kids) and shouting things to each other. And by the time they are asleep, I’m too tired to put forth the effort.

But I do have some friends who SWEAR by the relaxing qualities of a hot bath. This is for them.

Now one store I just LOVE is Lush. They have all these fun soaps and creams and lotions and it smells so good in there. Everything is pretty natural-even the facial masks have a short shelf life and have to be refrigerated.

But my favorite things at Lush are their Bath Bombs!

bath bomb

It’s like being a kid in a candy store! I have tried these bombs once or twice and they really are THE BOMB! All fizzy and smelling all pretty.

Whelp, whilst perusing Pinterest, I came across a whole bunch of DIY recipes and wanted to see if they really work. Some recipes call for carrier oils, corn starch; all need baking soda and essential oils for fragrance.

I pinned and tried this one from The Beauty Bar Blog.

The recipe calls for Citric Acid which I found to be hard to find. I finally found it at Fruitful Yield, but it can also be found at wine making stores. (You know, in case you make some wine with your fizzies for your relaxing bath.)

I made half the recipe so what you need is-

1/2 cup citric acid

1/2 cup baking soda

1/4 cup corn starch

1/4 cup melted coconut oil

4-5 drops of essential oil

food coloring



Mix your dry ingredients together in medium bowl and add your desired coloring. I added red because I was looking to make some pink bath bombs for Valentine’s Day.


But it wasn’t really showing any color even though I mixed it with my hands like the directions said. (But my hands were red…)


Combine the coconut oil and essential oil together in another bowl.

Here’s the tricky part

SLOWLY add the coconut oil mixture to your dry ingredients. If you pour too quickly, your citric acid will react and start a-bubbling and fizzing.

Mix this together with your hands until the mixture feels like wet sand.


The good news is that once the wet ingredients went in, the coloring really started to show.

I packed it in real tight to a silicone Valentine mini cake mold I found and hoped for the best.



The instructions say to wait for them to dry for 24 hours before taking them out which is kind of torturous for someone like me.

In the mean time, there are lots of great blogs and sources out there for making Bath Bombs.

Check out these lavender ones from A Pumpkin and a Princess. They are so, so pretty!



Urban Soapsmith is just one of many that sell on Etsy…and the packaging really caught my eye.

bath ache

And, of course, there’s the queen of stuff like this…Martha Stewart.…she even has a video to make things even easier.

martha stewart

But mine…well, after 72 hours, I popped mine out and here’s how they looked…




Umm, not so good. I thought I could salvage them by spritzing the mess with water, thinking they were not wet enough when I originally did it. Easy save, right?


No…I think I then spritzed too much water and they started expanding and reacting.


Oh well, back to the drawing board. Maybe I should watch the Martha Stewart Tutorial.

Peace and Fizz,


Being Happy…

Think about what truly makes you happy…when your soul feels content and all is right in your world.

Would you be happy if you had a bigger house, a better job, a flashy car?

Would you be happy if you were famous, or thinner, or wealthier?

Let’s Be Honest

We are happiest when we are surrounded by those we love and who love us back!

I made a pillow to remind me of who loves me the most, to remind me that there’s a plan for me, for my whole family, and to trust.

I started out with a pair of dishtowels I found at Williams Sonoma on clearance for $3.99 each. Score!


I chose an embroidery design from Urban Threads and added the “I love you”.


Now, mind you, it has been MONTHS since I used my embroidery machine, AKA Marie, so I was a little nervous. But she fired up without any issues…Yay!!!


The towels were super easy to make a pillow from…they measured 16”x16” perfectly so there was no cutting involved. I just added a zipper enclosure and it was done! Super easy project, highly recommend even for beginner sewers. (There are lots of tutorials of how to install a zipper out there on the web, but I feel sew mama sew has some of the best.)

Finished Product


If you like this square towel pillow, check out my rectangular one here.

Never forget who loves you the most and who wants you to live a happy, authentic life.



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A Kitchen Towel by any other name…


Think outside the box once in awhile…


I feel like I say that a lot on my blog, but I like to take ordinary every-day items and change them into something new.

I was in Tuesday Morning the other day and saw some cute kitchen towels for a good price. I thought I could use them or improve them even more with a little creativity.


My first idea is my favorite…I took the black and white towels (3 in a pack for $6!!!) and made them into a pillowcase for my new bedding.


This is a super easy sewing project that literally took about 20 minutes!  If you could sew a straight line and know how to use your button hole foot on your sewing machine, you could do this.

All I did was sew two towels together (right side facing) on three sides, leaving a short end open for the buttons. Turn your case right side out and sew button holes on the outside fabric and coordinating buttons on the inside fabric.

I even used some super-cute vintage buttons I picked up from an estate sale long ago.


Seriously, how sweet are they? They are wooden with little arrows on them.

I inserted your standard pillow in it, buttoned it up, and it was finished!


I really like the stripes and the flowers but it really needs some sort of pop of color now. Like maybe a green apple color? Hmmmm……a project for another day.

With the white towel, I stitched out a cute reminder that spring is only one month away. (Please Hurry Spring!)


The hardest, most difficult project was a “bright” idea I got to try and make the orange towel into a handy-dandy make-up bag with some vintage linens added in. Honestly, it did not turn out like I wanted but, Hey! You learn by your mistakes…

It came out all lumpy and crooked and I almost broke my serger trying to sew it up all nice and neat.


It’s still usable, just not what I had pictured in my mind.

I had some orange towel scraps left over so I thought I’d make a little travel soap carrier/loofah.


Another easy thing to sew, and it could be embellished in many different ways. I think it would be really cute if it had a little rubber ducky embroidered on it or someone’s name or initials. Perhaps for a child? Hmmmm….another idea.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas. Now get your bad self sewing!



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Valentine’s Projects Galore

The very first moment I beheld him, my heart was irrevocably gone.–jane austen

Oh my gosh! No quote could ever be more true to me! I do not pretend to not know how blessed I am to have three (3!) “hims” in my life…my husband, and my two boys.

Most days I take this all for granted. Don’t we all sometimes?

But with Valentine’s Day approaching and being the crafty little crafter I wish to be, I’ve been perusing the internet for heart themed ideas. There is no shortage, let me tell you, and it can become very overwhelming.

So I put together some projects and links that look interesting, fun and tasty.

But first off, a little something from the lyrical genius of Bruce Springsteen that will get you in the mood. This song is beautiful, the words ever so true if you want a long and lasting relationship.

Now that you’re in the mood, how about some food? (Rhyming unintentional).

In my household, pizza is ALWAYS welcome!

Noreen from Picture the Recipe came up with this very cute heart-shaped pizza.


Cupcakes, pies and cookies are always welcome too!

Style Motivation has a bunch of recipes with beautiful pictures, but I like this one best!

20-Hart-Shaped-Food-Recipes-for-Sweet-Valentine-12Wouldn’t those be lovely to receive?

Ok…we need a pretty tablesetting…

Lemon Tree Creations came up with a tablescape I would definitely mimic.

Mason Jars Vintage Valentines? I'm in!

                    Mason Jars and Vintage Valentines? I’m in!

Printables! How could I forget the printables? There are so many wonderful graphic artists out there on the web that sometimes offer their printables for free! Yay!

Tatertots and Jello is one of my favorite blogs and this link will hook you up to some very cute projects and FREE  printables.

Like this one

from funky polkadot giraffe.

     from funky polkadot giraffe.

So now we have food, desserts, tablescape…what are we missing?  Hmmmm…..


(duh, me!)

Whipperberry came up with these very cute homemade Valentines that I think I will try.

Melted Crayon Hearts

       Melted Crayon Hearts

I hope I have left you with some Heart-sy Valentine-y ideas to try this year.

And if all else fails, Hallmark cards work for me!

Right, Babe?

(My husband knows from past experience what happens if I don’t get a Valentine’s card.)

Me without a Valentine's card...

Me without a Valentine’s card…

Love and Peace,


Distressed Peace Sign

As I look at the title of this post, I can’t help but giggle a little…A distressed Peace Sign? Isn’t that kind of an oxymoron?

But what is Christmas without peace on earth and goodwill towards men?

At this time of year, most of us do feel distressed when we should be feeling peace…

I recommend taking a few steps back and breathing deeply and enjoying the moment.

So what if your house is in disarray because of all the decorations that have to be placed and you can’t even walk without tripping on something?…

So what if you have cookie batter stuck to the ass of your best jeans that you just washed and air-dried so they wouldn’t shrink and give you a muffin-top from eating all that cookie batter?…

So what if your elf on the damn shelf isn’t as clever as your friends’ posts on  Facebook where the elf is hosting a party for all the kids’ little stuffed animals, complete with mini tea sets and crumpets?…

So what if you haven’t gotten your Christmas cards out yet? or haven’t even taken that picture yet of your extraordinary children that will eventually end up on your Christmas card?…

So What?

Christmas will still be here on December 25th, so stop and take a deep breath and remember what Christmas is REALLY about.

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the LORD Almighty will accomplish this.  Isaiah 9:6-7

Easy, Breezy Tutorial


Supplies Needed

Canvas Board  (Mine is 30Lx15W from Hobby Lobby art section)

Modge Podge


Foam Brush

Paint of your choice



Your first step is to paint a thin layer of Modge Podge over the entire surface using your foam brush.


Now place a layer of newspaper on the Modge Podge and brush another thin layer of Modge Podge over this. It will and should be a little wrinkled.


Allow a sufficient time for this to dry–you may even want to wait overnight…

When it’s dry, prime it with white primer. If you want to paint the base black, you probably don’t even need to prime it. Just make sure the newspaper doesn’t show through.


I painted my base color blue and then waited some more for that to dry.


Once the blue paint dried, I used my Cameo Silhouette to cut out my letters. I used clear contact paper in the hopes of being frugal but it wasn’t as easy as cutting out with vinyl. You could also hand-letter it or use stencils from a craft store.

I used my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperor’s Silk to paint my letters. {Love this paint}



Peel away your vinyl while the paint is still a little wet and then sit around, do some laundry, get the cookie dough off your ass while this dries…

Once it’s dried sufficiently, like super-dry, the most fun part comes along….use a fine grit sandpaper to lightly sand your sign in parts that you think would be distressed, like the edges and lightly over the top.



But, if you’re like me, you’re really NOT! It needed a little something, something; so back to the Cameo Silhouette for a snowflake design!


Maybe now it’s finished!


Put it where all who enter can see it. For me, that’s the kitchen!


And, of course, add a little JOY to it!


Without Peace, we cannot have any Joy!

So Peace,{I mean Please}, Enjoy the Season!


Now I need to add some Love…

Stay tuned…

Peace, Joy and Love…


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Giving Thanks For What I Have…


Thanksgiving Day is almost here and the internet and social media are full of people giving thanks for all the wonderful people/things/blessings in their lives.

You know you are blessed.

Be thankful all year round.

This year I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house and I’m really excited and anxious all at the same time.

I’ve been combing the internet, well pinterest to be exact, and have come up with an overwhelming amount of ideas to make this Thanksgiving special for my guests. {Pinterest can be so wonderful, but also so intimidating, right?}

I’ve come up with a few ideas for our Thanksgiving table that are truly budget friendly.

  • If you don’t have enough matching table settings, head over to your local Goodwill. There are enough plates, glasses, flatware, etc. to even things out. Get something that coordinates with your current set. It doesn’t have to match exactly and will give your table interest.
  • Shop around your own house. I have stuff stashed and stored that could be used to pretty-up the table, and I know you do too. Use your imagination.
  • Hop over to a blog that offers up free printables and print those out to use in your theme. There are so many out there ranging from quotes, to kids’ activities and coloring pages, to frame-able pictures. The Graphics Fairy has a great selection of vintage Thanksgiving printables for free!

I’m taking my own advice and being creative with what I already have.


  • My centerpiece was found at a sale years ago and I believe it’s a planter. I just placed some candles in there with glass candleholders and tucked some berry branches in…
  • Those silver bowls were also found at an estate sale and I forgot I even had them, but they add a little shine to the table.
  • The runner is made from burlap.
  • The linen placemats were a gift from my husband’s aunt for our wedding shower. They are so pretty and white, I’ve always been afraid to use them, but they look so nice and crisp with my white plates. (Also a gift from our wedding shower).
  • The silverware holders are a free printable I found on Pinterest. You can find them here. 


As you can see, it’s snowing here but the candlelight makes everything look so warm and inviting.




I also found an inspiring printable for my mantle


I found it here at Yellow Bliss Road. I thought it was perfect for me because it had a feather on it. It’s Psalm 107:1 and says, “Give thanks to the Lord for he is good. His love endures forever.” Beautiful, right?

I used my Silhouette machine to cut out some feathers for my chalkboard.

And as a surprise to my guests, I’ve printed out some Thanksgiving Day trivia quizzes to see how much we all really know about this holiday. I found it here. I might even have a prize for the one who knows the most!

This Thanksgiving, try to be thankful for what you already HAVE, use what is on hand, give everyone a warm welcome and extra long hugs. Enjoy each other’s company and get to know again some relatives or friends you’ve neglected. Use this special time to create memories.




Thank You for following along!



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Upcycled Sweater Bags

I recently came across my stash of felted wool sweaters that I’ve collected from my Goodwill excursions and didn’t realize how many I had!

Two garbage bags full that were just waiting to be put to a better use.

“What is felted wool?,” you ask?

Felted wool is wool that has been washed at a high heat with regular laundry detergent and a tennis ball for friction that makes the fibers shrink and become very tight. You can then use that wool for various upcycled projects like mittens, blankets, Christmas stockings, scarves. So many possibilities: if you are on Pinterest, just do a search and let the ideas and projects overwhelm you.

I thought it might be cute to make a little drawstring bag and after many (and I mean MANY) failed attempts, I came up with this…


You will need:

Some felted sweaters

Fabric for the lining (I like cotton)

Ribbon for straps (I used twill tape)

Sewing machine, sewing notions, etc.

Your imagination and creativity

For Outside of Bag:

2 Pieces of felted sweater measuring 8 1/2 inches wide x 8 inches long. (Main Part of Bag)

1 Piece of felted sweater measuring 8 1/2 inches wide x 4 1/2 inches long. (Bottom of Bag)

For the Lining:

1 Piece of fabric measuring 8 1/2 inches wide x 19 1/2 inches long.


Of note, if you want to put any embroidery, appliques, lace, trim, etc.-do it now before you start construction of the bag.

I choose a nautical theme for this one so I went to my files and embroidered an anchor originally found on Urban Threads.



Placing right sides together, sew together one of the larger pieces with the smaller piece. For entire project, I use a 1/4 inch seam.

*** Iron your seems flat. Don’t skip this, it will help you in the long run. I know it’s weird to iron wool, (it might smell a little, too) but trust me…When you align your seams and try to fit the layers under your sewing machine’s presser foot, you’ll thank me. (Just try not to burn anything.)


And then do the same with the back piece so you then have what looks like this:


Fold this piece in half right sides facing, match up your seams and pin into place.

With the pinning in place, make a mark 1 inch down and again at 1 1/2 inches down on each side. ***This will mark an opening where your ribbon channel will be.***

For Tutorial purposes, (and because I couldn’t see my marks on my dark sweater…) I used pins…


See those horizontal pins? That’s what I’m talking about!

Start at the top right corner and sew till your 1 inch mark. Backstitch for strength.

Skip the area between the horizontal pins and start again at the 1 1/2 inch point. Continue sewing the rest of that side. Backstitch for strength.

Follow the same directions for the opposite side, not forgetting to stop and start up again at the 1 1/2 and 1 inch marks.

Try your best to iron those seams open, but don’t stretch out your sweater because then it wont fit with the lining.  (I learned that the hard way.)


Turn your bag right-side out and admire your work.

Now for the lining:

Fold your lining piece in half right sides together length-wise and sew together both sides leaving a 2 1/2 to 3 inch gap on one side. (this is where you will turn bag right-side out). Press open your seams. Clip the corners.


Now it’s time to assemble lining and outside of bag. This is the part that makes me sweat. Handkerchief, please…

Place the outside bag into the lining, right sides facing. Line up your seams and edges…this is where the pressing of seams helps tremendously.


See how the Outside of bag goes into Lining, right sides facing?

Pin and sew around the top, making sure you sew your seams flat along the way.


Now for the magical part- pull the outside part out of the hole you left in your lining and poke out your corners with chopsticks or a pencil eraser or chicken bones. (Just kidding on that last one.)


This kind of reminds me of the birthing process…anyone else feel that way?

Now you will have something that miraculously looks like this:

Never mind, I forgot to take a picture of this step, my bad.

Do not fear! What you have next are the two pieces, lining and outer bag, ready to fit together!

Press your lining piece and topstitch the seam that was left open. Just for posterity, I topstitch the other side too, so they match.

Place the lining into the bag!!! Very exciting feeling when this works!


Press the opening seams so it looks nice and neat and crisp.

We are Almost Done!

Take a look at the sides of your bag…you should see an opening on each side where the ribbon will go through. We need to finish up by making that channel.

Mark on both sides where those opening are and sew a straight line across it all the way around.

Do the same for the bottom hole.

In my picture below, I used tape to guide me, since I am famous for sewing a crooked line.


Using a safety pin, attach the pin to the end of your ribbon and push it through all the way around. When you have the ribbon at the length you want the handles to be, cut it and tie the two ends together.

Repeat this process on the other side so you now have two handles.


And the end result is a very cute drawstring bag! I like to use mine for my Kindle but it could surely be used as a small purse.


I have since made several and I’m going to list them soon in my etsy shop.



This one is made from cashmere and lace!



This one reminds us to “Live Simply”


I hope this inspires you to think outside the box and upcycle some sweaters!



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Taking Off My “Mom Goggles”


Mom Goggles

Every mom has them. They give them out to you free(!) from your Labor and Delivery Nurse the moment you lay eyes on your precious, squirmy, goopy bundle of joy.

Those newborn eyes look back at you, trying to focus, squinting against the light, their pupils constricting for the first time. (After all, they’ve been protected in the dark, warm fluid of your womb.)

You look into those eyes, you examine every inch of this miracle, every finger, every toe, every little detail…You know in the deepest part of your heart and soul, this child is perfect!

And BAM! They’re there!

Mom Goggles

Don’t think you can get away from them if you’ve adopted a child, either! Oh no!! That child comes with a pair too, maybe even with a stronger prescription. It’s completely unpreventable.

Believe it or not, there is a definition:

From Urban Dictionary:

Mom Goggles: “Like Beer Goggles, Mom Goggles cloud the wearer’s vision making their child look absolutely perfect in their eyes. Works with looks, intelligence and skills.”

In my experience, you don’t have to remove those mom goggles till they start school. Till they start interacting with other children. Nope, savor those early years when your child is a baby/toddler, immune from any mistakes and blunders. Watch them smile like they are the first child to ever smile in the history of the world and think to yourself, “No child has ever smiled such a beautiful smile.” Because it’s true…

Then they get a little older.

If your kid is playing in the sandbox with other kids and is throwing sand in their faces for fun, it’s time to remove the Mom Goggles and teach a lesson…”Don’t throw sand at other kids, Perfect Child of Mine. No one likes a sand sandwich”.

When your kid gets a little older and is in school and doesn’t score perfect on every test/quiz/homework assignment, don’t always blame the teacher. Take off those Mom Goggles and really LOOK.  Maybe your child isn’t really the genius-prodigy like they seemed to be in preschool…SURPRISE! Neither are 99.9% of their classmates. Time to teach another lesson: “work hard and try your best, Perfect Child of Mine. I love you fiercely anyway.”

When your children start up with extra-curricular activities such as sports or music or dance and they are not picked for the top team or the piano solo or the New York City Ballet, don’t freak out! Mom Goggles are very powerful things that cloud our vision and hurt our pride. Lesson learned: “not everyone has the same God-given talents and gifts, but use those gifts to the best of your ability, Perfect Child of Mine. I love you anyway.”

And, yes, I use that phrase, “Perfect Child of Mine.” Because the fact is (Mom Goggles or not), they are perfect with flaws, impeccable and faulty, spotless and blemished, all at the same time.

If we don’t take off those Mom Goggles once in a while, we are cheating our kids out of valuable life lessons: Don’t hurt others, try your best, it’s ok if you make mistakes…I’ll love you anyway.

Because no one is perfect and no kid is above making errors. If we don’t remove those Mom Goggles, we are just setting them up for feeling like failures because they feel they are not living up to OUR impossible expectations.

So I made a little something to remind me of all this.

(You thought you’d get away from a craft? Silly Reader)


Just a little backpack to remind me of my own words. I plan to use it accordingly.

After all, I’m not perfect either.

And with all that said, there is another rule here…

Grandparents are allowed to wear their goggles incessantly.



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