New Year, New Stuff on the Blog



New Year’s Resolutions…

Most people try to start the new year with some resolutions and they last a couple of weeks. I fall in with the majority, thinking of new ways to improve upon myself and fail by about February. So this year I’m setting my bar pretty low.

1.) Go to Church more often.

2.) Drink more water.

3.) Get some form of exercise 3 days/week.


Hopefully, I will not disappoint myself since it’s not a lot to ask.

But I also want to not neglect Feathers and Dimes as much as I have. It looks like my posts are getting to be about six months apart. So….


Look for more projects and links.

Look for more upcycling and sewing.

Look for more occasional musings into life.

And, I think, look for some advice from Nellie who will sometimes make an appearance, just to make you laugh.


May you and yours have a joyful and healthy 2017!


Peace and Love,



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