New Discoveries


Another assignment has come my way via Blogging 101 and that’s to choose five new blogs to follow.

Well, kids are home from school with a “too cold to go to school day,” so that means I have to search for some interesting new blogs in between the chaos that is two boys home from school, stuck inside and bouncing off the walls.

(I was able to drive my 7th grader and five of his friends to the mall for awhile, because, after all, the mall was open despite a –30 wind chill factor.)


Hockey Practice=still scheduled


Go figure.

Here are Five Great Blogs I found amidst the anarchy…


I can’t wait to try some of her healthy recipes, especially the oatmeal-banana energy bars which I plan to give to my hockey players for pre-game nutrition.


I was drawn in by her blog’s name…I thought it to be very clever. And then I saw she likes to thrift like me, so…there you go.


I loved her pictures! I’m always intrigued by people who have the talent to capture moments on film so beautifully, and then the different ways these moments are interpreted.

Up cycling:

How could I not follow that one? Treasures from the curb? I’m in!

and finally…


A runner and hockey mom who loves cupcakes. Well, I’m a hockey mom that also loves cupcakes, but I HATE to run so maybe she could inspire me?

There are tons of other great, interesting, mind-blowing blogs out there, but these are the five I picked.

Which ones do you like best?





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