Happy Memorial Day!


Let’s give thanks to all those who served our country and remember them on this special day.



Let’s Welcome Summer!!!



Let’s Create Something!!!



Here is a little project I recently completed that I’m proud of…

upcycled windows

I had 4 old windows that I picked up off the curb that I’ve been meaning to use in some projects….

They’ve been waiting patiently in the garage for years to be put to good use….

My husband screwed them into place (thanks, Babe!) and we found an empty spot in the backyard.

I made a simple little banner and planted some flowers inside.  It looks like my own little greenhouse.

This whole project cost about $10!!!  The windows were free, (garbage collector that I am), the planters I found at Goodwill for .50 cents each, the fabric used was scraps, so the flowers were the most expensive piece.


I hope everyone has a beautiful Memorial Day filled with good memories and laughter.




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