A Little Whimsy

Chicken Little

Another favorite antique store of mine is closing (insert sad face), so I stopped by and found this…


So funny, right?  From the good ‘ol days when Halloween masks weren’t gory.  I had to buy it, I had a vision.

You know those cute farm animal heads that are popping up all over blogs?

pig-head_2          deer head

cow head

(I found these images on Google….)

I thought I’d give it a try.

I had an old tennis racket holder that I thought would make a cute background and painted it red, red, red.


Attaching the mask took some creativity…


It’s funny in my kitchen, adding a little humor.

But I also thought of another display I could do using a ladder I found at the curb that I attached a wire basket to and use in the summer for flowers.




If nothing else, even if I only keep it for a little while, it cracks me up.  And I could use a little humor lately.


P.S.  We actually do have a real antelope head in our house…my father brought it back from North Dakota for my boys.  It hangs in their room and they always proudly show their friends…



                               We are an Interesting bunch, I think…



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11 thoughts on “A Little Whimsy

    • Thank you! It is humorous, but a little scary in the dark to see this chicken head outline. But it makes me chuckle so it’s staying for awhile. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m going to check your site out, distresseddonna!

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