Sugar Sack Pillow Cover

This past summer I came across some interesting finds at a couple estate sales and antique shops.

It was hard to get to junking shopping with the kids home from school on summer vacation, because, let’s be honest, they don’t really want to go to these places.  They would rather be swimming, goofing around with their friends, or playing video games.

But sometimes I dragged them along and they always ended up having a very fun, if not interesting, time.

See, mom does know best Kids!

Here are some unique things I grabbed up…


An old, old suitcase…

A Fabuuuuulous Grain sack…


Some very cool, old milk tags…


A rugged, wooden frame…Elvis picture to be removed…


And an ENTIRE BOX of these…


I tell you, my body was tingling when my good friend Noreen showed me the box.

The guy sold me the box of 45 sacks for $40!!!!! Most were in mint condition, too.  Can I get a “Whoop, Whoop”?

Oh my!  Now I have to think of some projects to use them.

OKAY….Thought of one…


I had a 16”X16” pillow form on hand and decided it needed a cover.

I cut the front and back sides 17”x17” and inserted a zipper on the bottom using this easy tutorial from Design Sponge.  (By the way, Design Sponge is a fantastic site if you haven’t been there already.  Just sayin’).

In progress…


Here’s how the sweetie sugar sack pillow cover turned out…


What do you think?

I think a messenger bag or tote bag or some kind of bag is next!



Hoping to link to and

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4 thoughts on “Sugar Sack Pillow Cover

  1. ohmegosh! How clever and creative!! The pillow is great! Wow – you have eyes that see things in a different light – that is a great gift!

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