Pay It Forward Friday #6




I’ve had the best time reading everyone’s Pay It Forward’s!

This week I have not so much a Pay It Forward, but more of a

What any decent human being would do…


I was leaving work after an evening shift this week, at about midnight, and walking through the deserted hospital to the parking garage.  (If you’ve ever been in a hospital at night, it’s pretty much empty of all ancillary staff.  The cafeteria is closed, the volunteers are home, there really is no one walking around.  It’s kind of eerie, yet peaceful at the same time.)

Out of the blue, I saw a middle aged woman wandering around and my first thought was that she looked like a deer in headlights.

She asked me if I could help her find her way out of the hospital to the parking lot by the Emergency Room.  She said she took her husband into the ER earlier and they had admitted him to the ICU and now she couldn’t find her way back to her car.

From where we were, the ER parking lot was on the complete opposite side of the hospital campus.  But I was tired, my feet hurt, and I wanted to go home.

“I’ll help you get there,” I said.

And then she broke down.


She told me how her husband had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor a few days ago and was going to have surgery to remove it.  In the next few minutes she told me all her fears and anxieties and sadness at this news. She cried and cried and let it all out to me.  Me…a complete and utter stranger.

I just hugged her and introduced myself and walked her back to the unit where I worked where I called Security to help us out.

I walked her to the opposite side of the hospital where a Security Guard would be waiting for us. 

When we got there, I hugged her again and told her I would pray for her and her family.  She thanked me profusely.

And then I started the trek back to the other side of the hospital to where my car was parked, sad for her but grateful it wasn’t me.

Which brings me to my ultimate Life Question…

Why do bad things happen?

I hope her husband’s surgery was successful, but I guess I will never know.

I wish I could be more like my mom… Because my mom would’ve sat down with her right then and there and prayed WITH her.

I wish things like brain tumors and cancers and wars and terrorism and the like didn’t exist.

But I will try to make my little corner of the world a little bit better.



3 thoughts on “Pay It Forward Friday #6

  1. What you did was wonderful! That’s the kind of person the world needs, Kathy!

    I have no real pay it forward story this week, but I definitely have a be a good person story. For the last two weeks, my mom has been on vacation. Mom is the sole caregiver/companion for her 91-year old mother who has Alzheimer’s/ dementia. I tell her all the time that she needs time away frim Gram, but she rarely listens.
    All four of the Fox family have been staying with Gram so that she has not been alone at all since my mom left. It has been hard for all of us trying to balance but it was absolutely the right thing to do. A temporary caregiver would have been extremely expensive and I think would have added to Gram’s confusion. At least we are familiar. Even when she doesn’t know exactly who we are, when we tell her, she relaxes and sort of remembers something that comforts her. I have spent many nights showing her pictures and telling her how she’s related to the different people. My kids are making memories with GG (great-grandma) which makes my heart feel good. My Zach has been with Gram the most, and has been amazibg with her when Scott and I are going back and forth to work or grocery shopping or whatever. He’s put her socks and shoes on, understand that she has misplaced her memory and has truly been an angel for the past 14 days.
    Balancing work, two households, eldercare and two busy kids has been draining but rewarding. I’m proud we could make it happen and so grateful to Scott and the kids. This time is precious. So very very hard to see her not remember — it brings tears to my eyes. i know that this is but a small bit compared to all Gram did for me my whole life.

  2. Thank you to you and all your family. No one knows how difficult it can be unless you walked a day in these shoes! A special thank you to Zac for the tender care he gives – that is really special!
    And my Kathy, thank you for taking those extra miles to help a confused lady (I’m sure you pictured me being lost in a hospital late at night) and for the common sense to call security to help out! You are truly making this world a better place! (Look at those handsome boys you are turning loose on the girls- – – not now, but soon)!! Love your blogs!!! God continue to bless our “Michael” the angel who planted this seed!!!!

  3. To Stacey, what a wonderful “good person” story you shared! My beloved Nana had Alzheimer’s Disease and it is one of the most difficult, heartbreaking diseases! You and your family did double duty…giving your mom a needed respite and giving your grandma the familiarity she needs. It doesn’t surprise me that Zach has been amazing with her, as he is such an amazing kid himself, very loving and caring. You are “paying it forward” to your Gram!

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