Pay It Forward Friday #5




It’s that time again!  Time to ponder the good we tried to pass on over the past week.

For me, I paid for the person in line after me at the McDonald’s drive-thru and then sped off as fast as I could so the person didn’t think they owed me anything.  In this process, I almost crashed into two people and an SUV so I wouldn’t suggest to anyone to try and drive away like a maniac.  If they want to say “Thank You”, then let them. We don’t want anyone hurt or injured, right?  Lesson well received…

The kids were in the car with me. After all I am trying to teach them the valuable lesson of giving without expecting anything in response.  But all I think they learned was how to give the finger to a crazy person speeding away after almost hitting them.

My friend Amy posted this article and I am sharing it with you.  Here are some great acts of kindness to inspire and restore your faith in humanity.  You can find it here.

Enjoy these, I did.  They brought tears to my eyes.

Post about what you did and how you did it safely.




2 thoughts on “Pay It Forward Friday #5

  1. Glad the Meades are all safe after Pay It Forward Friday Kathy!
    I had a very cool experience this week. About a year or so ago, Scott and I were out to dinner with friends. I happened to see the son of some friends pass by our table. He was there with his fiancée celebrating their engagement. Now this young man is a shining example of the next generation — army ROTC, polite and respectful, wonderful kid/man, Faithful Catholic, involved in Church, etc. but I digress…
    Anyway, After they left the restaurant, Scott and I found a manager and had their dinner refunded to their card and we paid. I then texted my friend, the mom, and told her to have the kids watch their statement to make sure the credit came through. They were all so appreciative, and it really was fun to do and a way to thank a future soldier as well.
    Anyway, the kids recently married, and while on their honeymoon, saw a couple of high schoolers out on a dinner date. Paying it forward, the kids paid for the high school couple’s meal.
    My friend told me the kids were so excited to be able to make someone else feel as surprised and happy as they were the night we picked up their dinner.
    Gave me goosebumps to see the impact of our good deed continuing on…

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