Pay It Forward Friday #3




I apologize for skipping last week’s “Pay It Forward”.

I was busy waving to Patrick Kane!!!!!!!



And I was trying to get the attention of Corey Crawford!

Along with MILLIONS of others, I suppose…



It was a great morning of anticipation and waiting for the Stanley Cup and the 2012-2013 Chicago Blackhawks to parade by.

There was a prominent police presence including bomb sniffing dogs…(makes me sad to think about the kind of world we live in and the precautions we now have to take.)



And people in Chicago are so friendly!

This nice homeless man let us hockey moms use his sign.



We waited and waited, had a great spot in the shade and then the Cup zoomed on by.



As my boys said, “That was the best two minutes of our summer, so far!”

Yeah, the parade was thatfast!

So back to reality…

This week, my youngest son found a debit card in the grass at a carnival.

We took a special trip to the bank from where the card was issued and he waited in line for the next teller all by himself.

At his turn, he ever so shyly went up to the teller and said, “Umm, excuse me?  I found this in the grass by my house.”

The teller was so sweet and thankful to him.  She offered him the bowl of suckers (Dum-Dums of course, we were at the bank and that’s what all banks give out), and told him he could have as many as he wanted.  He took some and gave a couple to his big brother.

I hope the person who lost his card knows it was in safe keeping.  Losing a credit card is nerve-wracking enough, don’t ask me how I know.

Please chime in and boast about your good deed for the week.  I love to read about them!



6 thoughts on “Pay It Forward Friday #3

  1. This week, I have a few. Like Marylou’s comment from a few weeks ago, this Pay It Forward summer has done wonders to raise my awareness of opportunities. So Kathy, My oldest nephew turns 11 next week. Like many grandmas, my mom likes to get her grandchildren special birthday presents. Well, John wants a Hawks jersey — a Toews jersey to be specific. Mom thought she could just walk into Dick’s and buy one. Umm, no not really. Being that there’s the Stanley Cup win thing, Toews jerseys are flying off the shelves. They are available online, but my mom still likes to physically have her purchase in her hands, not just see a picture. So Auntie Stacey started working the phones and after many calls, located one in an awesome store in Downers Grove. Mom took a ride on 355, found the store with some cell phone navigation from yours truly, and purchased said jersey (and a Stanley Cup champion patch). John will be ecstatic when he opens the box on his birthday!
    Oh yeah, and in another verrrrry similar incident the very next day, I found one of the last NHL13 for XBox games for my Gram to give John. Hmmm, anyone seeing a pattern here?!?

    • Wow! You REALLY went above and beyond! I am POSITIVE your nephew will be thrilled! What a great present and means all the more because of all the trouble you went through to give it to him. Love it!

  2. Great photos Kathy! I hope the kids had a great time!

    Kudos to Aidan for do ding the debit card and turning it in by himself. Thank goodness there are people like you who go the extra mile to return something lost. I appreciate what you did.

  3. Aidan is just so, how can I say, precious and pure and shy and still clean. . . . I know he can be the opposite too, but he is an irresistable child – thank you for instilling the sense of going the extra mile for people – Let’s see, what did I do this week??? Been pretty crabby, as a matter of fact, irritated with people and circumstances, but I was honest about it, and a loved one of mine totally related!!!! So she felt better because we compared feelings, and I felt better for not hiding it – does that count?????

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