Pay It Forward Friday #1



At the beginning of this week, I posted about this concept about “paying it forward” inspired by our trip to New Orleans.  You can read about it here.

I think I picked the wrong week to start this because I am a crabby, crabby mess.  I blame it on peri-menopause and hormones because, let’s face it, what the hell else is there to blame it on?  Not even the Blackhawks winning the first game of the Stanley Cup could flip me out of my funk.  I think I counted AT LEAST 5 people I wanted to punch in the throat.

On top of all that, I had computer issues.  Big ones.  It’s a very good thing I didn’t throw the damn computer out the window a couple times.  My children and husband have been running for cover for the last few days.  I feel sorta bad about this, but believe me,  I believe I am acting rationally.  Doesn’t everyone cry, laugh and then yell all in one sit-down dinner?  No?  Well too darn bad…for 2 or 3 days out of the month, I do!

By the way,  I wish I had a Red Tent to retreat to…(literal reference to one of my favorite books.  Go read it!)

So…..I digress.

But here it is…



I started something and I want to follow through with it.

For our first week, we bought a small geranium and made a card.


We wrote a little note inside it…



And left it on a park bench…


We didn’t see who took it, but in my mental state, I actually thought to myself, “Self, what if no one takes it and it’s just sitting there all night long and this nice gesture is left there to fall over and geese poop on it?”

Well, someone must’ve taken it, because I did check back an hour later and it was gone.  And my bad mood was gone too.  It felt really, really good to imagine someone picking it up, being surprised and taking it home.

What did YOU do?  I would love to hear all about it. 

If you have a blog, feel free to link in and link back to your blog.

If you don’t have a blog, please just use the comment section to tell me (and everyone else) all about it.  I can’t wait to hear all about it.

10 thoughts on “Pay It Forward Friday #1

  1. My pay it forward wasn’t as creative as yours this week, actually, it was a no brainer. I gave a donation to hospice, the wonderful group of nurses who helped care for my mom during her last days with us. Wish I could do more. I’m thinking of volunteering there next summer, if they’ll have me:) Keep the inspirations coming!

    • That was a HUGE pay it forward! What a great gift to give to the nurses that took care of your mom at a time when it is so hard for you. And what a greater gift your mom was to so many others. Hugs and prayers, smiles and love sent to you and yours!

  2. It sure was a crazy week to start this, Kathy! I haven’t even talked about it with my kids yet. Thought of you as I drove to work on Wednesday. Driving through Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee, I paid the bill for the minivan behind me. It was around $12 and the mom had at least one kid in the car. I hope they smiled when they got their free morning start. I loved doing it and smiled all the way to work. This is such a great idea!!

  3. I’m turning 50 years old this year and I FINALLY know what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be Kathy Meade. I love you girlfriend. You inspire me 😋

  4. I opted to pay it forward to myself by focusing on self preservation. This week I covered my throat and ran for cover. I will do a good deed for someone else next week if its safe.

  5. okay – here goes! This week a co-worker (elderly lady with many disabilities, but not without grace and courage and perservance) lost her daughter suddenly – Shocking! Knocked the wind out of me. . . . .when I saw her, I embraced her and rocked her as I imagined He wanted me to – she felt so little and she held on real tight – well, her second daughter lives in Florida, didn’t have the money to come in for the funeral – so the mom paid – I know she is working at the age of 76 because she has to (money) – ouy vie! I gave her a generous gift, and I knew she wouldn’t be up to cooking – so a dinner was made (it turned out really tasty) and delivered. . . .both ladies want the recipe – and were thankful for the nourshment. . . . . .I felt really blessed to somehow help at this time – I know the days ahead will warrent more encouragement for her, and I know the right angels will be there to give her what she needs – It was a good week, hard but good. . . .

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