Buffet Makeover




I love to find diamonds in the rough: AKA- furniture that is headed for the hills, and I love to use it for something new.  It’s kind of my way to stay green.  There are so many great pieces of furniture out there that are so well made that just need a little love and elbow grease.  It might take some time to find what you want, but that’s what makes part of it so thrilling to me. 

And when you find something you’ve been looking for, you feel like yelling, “SCORE!” 

Most of my favorite pieces in my house come from local Estate Sales.  Each piece has a history to it and I feel like I am bringing new life into it.

I had been on the hunt to find a piece for our Living Room/Family Room since before Christmas.  We had purchased a large flat screen TV and had to replace our entertainment center that we have used since our first house in 2000.

We didn’t have anywhere for the cable box, DVD player and Xbox to go so it ended up looking like this…



Yuck, I know. 

So I took my time and searched and found this little beauty…A dining room buffet.



She (I don’t know why I called her a “she”) came with a Portuguese marble top that weighs 5 million pounds.  Luckily for me, a very nice person at the estate sale offered to help me carry it to my car AND loaded it for me.  (Thank you so much,very nice person, wherever you are…)

I liked her (there I go again) because she had some cool details and is strong and sturdy, not too big, not too small.  I thought she would fit perfectly under the T.V.


Not too much work needed here, not even a sanding…so I just painted it.

Easy, peasy.



My husband had to drill a hole into the back of it so all the wires could fit through…thank you Darling!










Better, I think.  And she only cost me $60!  “SCORE!”

I hope whoever owned this before me knows I will take good care of her and she has many years left!

Now go forth and go estate sailing, raise your mast high and Enjoy the Ride!

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6 thoughts on “Buffet Makeover

    • In all honesty, the door has to be open in order to get the signal from the remote control:) But…it looks better than it did before. I was actually thinking of removing the grating and putting chicken wire in…what do you think?

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