Taking the Plunge

It’s officially summertime…The kids are out of school, the days are hot, the sun is hanging out with us a little longer.  I love summer…recently my two boys dared me to jump off the high dive at the local pool.  “Sure, no problem,”  I told them, smirking at their surprised faces.  After all, I LOVED to jump off the high dive as a kid.  I never actually DOVE off the high dive,  just jumped.  It felt so good to fall from so high, splash into the cold water, come up for air…

Fast-forward 30 years later and you see me climbing up the stairs to the high dive.  “Hmmmmm,  I don’t remember it being this high…I don’t remember the diving board shaking this much when I walked out on it.  Looking down, I don’t remember the water being that far away.  And it looks like it will hurt, too, when I crash into it.  Maybe not such a good idea after all.” Let’s face it, I’m scared.

But my boys are down there,  they see how hesitant I am.  Wait…are they cheering for me?  I hear them yelling, “Go for it, Mom!  Just jump!  You could do it!”  The diving board is bouncing a little from my knees knocking.  I have this fleeting thought that I am going to FALL , not JUMP, off this thing and my stomach starts doing flip-flops.  I want to turn around and go back but believe it or not, it seems scarier to go back than to jump off.  So I closed my eyes and did it.

The fall only lasted 1-2 seconds… hitting the water WAS more painful that I remember.  But when I surfaced, my boys were clapping and smiling and yelling to their friends, “Hey!  My mom just went off the high-dive!”

This is kinda like that.

To me, writing this blog is like jumping off the high-dive in your 40s.  It’s scary, but I’m going to do it anyway.  Maybe I’ll have a handful of people who take a look at it…I hope not, though.  But I gotta take the chance.

What are YOU scared to do?  Perhaps you should just close your eyes and JUMP.  It might hurt a little, but there will be people that love you cheering for you!

There will be a variety of things going on here.  My mind tends to flutter from project to project, musings, food, entertainment.

Leave comments and I will try my darndest to comment back.

And remember, “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun”-Katherine Hepburn


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